Bespoke Kitchen in a UPVC Conservatory

The Ultimate Bespoke Kitchen in a UPVC Conservatory

People look for very different things in a kitchen, so you will find wide variety is styles and tastes. For many an off the shelf solution suffices, but some prefer to have a completely unique solution and instead opt for bespoke kitchens.

UPVC conservatories are just one of the places that people seeking a different kitchen have started to turn to. Have you met anyone with a kitchen in a conservatory? You might see them in the media, but you are likely to be the only person in your area with one!

Bespoke Kitchen in a UPVC ConservatoryIf you are looking for more space in your home, want a larger kitchen and want to make sure your home really stands out this is an incredible option. If you are looking for something completely unique then by all means find ideas online, but the design will have to be done specially for you. But firstly check out how much does a conservatory cost?

If you decide to create this fabulous new kitchen there are a few things you will need to be aware of, perhaps the most significant of which is the building regulations. By putting a kitchen in your conservatory you create the need to comply with the same building regulations that any other building needs to.

This does create a unique challenge as a normal conservatory would be exempt from most of these rules. Owners of this style of kitchen will all argue it is completely worth it though!

One thing you do need to be very careful about though is your choice of conservatory installer. A good conservatory installer or builder will be very familiar with what you need to do to get this unique building through planning permission. Heat loss is arguably the most challenging of these regulations for a conservatory to pass.

European rules mean that heat loss must fall below a certain amount in all new built structures. A structure that is mostly made from glass is always going to find this the greatest challenge, although that isn’t usually an issue as conservatories normally don’t need to meet this requirement.

You will however find that certain types of glass are far more effective at reducing heat loss. This is a key issue when ensuring that your unique kitchen passes planning permission.

If you approach this project in the right way you will see it is far from impossible to overcome the difficulties. Your friends will all be incredibly jealous when your kitchen is completed and you will realise it was worth the hard work.

Think about finding the right company to work with, such as, let them do what they do best and get ready to enjoy your fabulous new bespoke kitchen!

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