Stylish French Patio Doors Add Some Class

Worried About Burglars? Try Out a Secured French Patio Door

French Patio Doors are your “windows to the world”. They say a lot about you. A brand new entry system is an embodiment of paramount energy efficiency as well as exquisite aesthetic appeal.

Stylish French Patio DoorsFrench doors string in dramatic grandeur and simple elegance to create a significant design statement. They are constructed using a wide cue of materials including state of the art composites, refined leaded glass, UPVC and conventional hardwood.

However, French doors can also be the perfect channel for burglars to break into your house. A recent study shows that most burglars prefer to use patio doors as their main entry point into homes.

Therefore, when boosting security within the vicinity of your home you should prioritize the security of rear entry doors. Highlighted below are a few handy tips to guide you in choosing a perfect French Patio door, which is both secure and elegant. With UPVC French patio door prices being very competitive, this may be the ideal time to “take the plunge”.

Looks also have a hand in security

french patio door interiorIt is a well-known fact that burglars carry out their malicious acts in neighborhoods quietly and as quickly as they can. The last thing a burglar would ever wish for is to stall on a door that is well secured and end up causing a racket while forcefully trying to get access into your house. A main door that appears to be well secured has two main effects on burglars. It totally bars him from gaining access to your home or eliminates his thoughts of breaking into the confines of your house altogether.

If your door looks rather feeble, you should consider thickening it or getting a new one altogether. Bear in mind that looks are sometimes deceiving.  Consider installing surveillance cameras, security yard signs, video door phones, motion sensitive lights on all your main doors to make them more secure.

Design standards

Solid hardwoods and metal doors are considered most well secured doors. Those made of either USB plywood or MDF re usually taken to be weaker. They do not have elastic qualities as opposed solid hardwood and can fall easily when under pressure and tension. A door should be at least two inches thick with a central construction if not less than one and a half inches.

 Chains, viewers and locks

These are vital security features in perimeter doors. A chain is important for communicating with visitors outside the house. Viewers also help you to check out who is knocking at your door before opening it.

Perimeter doors should have high quality grade one locks for added security. Get quotes & info at:



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